IMTAL Europe - International Museum Theatre Alliance

Become an IMTAL member

IMTAL events and activities are open to non-members, but membership confers several benefits, including:

  • Reduced participation fees for conferences, training events and networking activities.
  • Newsletters three times a year, with opportunities both to receive and contribute to articles of interest regarding developments in the field.  These have included research reports, book reviews, accounts of lessons learned, marketing opportunities and articles from suppliers of professional services.
  • Access to the mailing list to request advice, support and information from other members in the network.


What happens when members get together?

Training days

These enable members and guests to develop techniques for live interpretation. A range of subjects at a range of levels ensures that there is something for the beginner as well as the more experienced professional.  Recent courses have included  “Less of the Verbal - interpretation without words for those with English as a foreign language or special educational needs”, “Making Money from Murder Mysteries” and “Costumed Character for Beginners”. 

Development days

Focussed visits at host sites  provide opportunities for institutional members to benefit from evaluation, skills exchanges and the injection of new ideas from the professional experience of the membership.


IMTAL Europe create both a biannual European conference, and on alternate years, work with the boards of IMTAL Americas and IMTAP-Asia Pacific to create a global conference which is hosted by each of the regional boards in turn.  There are also periodic weekend gatherings within Europe for networking, site visits and skills exchanges.

These gatherings are very friendly and welcoming.  Sessions are programmed for a wide variety of performances, practical workshops, panel debates and presentations facilitating the exchange of ideas, the sharing of problems and comparison of approaches.  There is also plenty of time built in for networking and discussion at fun social events with delicious food and drink.

Join IMTAL-Europe as an individual or instiutional member to enjoy all the benefits of membership.
Membership benefits include:
  • Access to the membership network for advice and support
  • Reduced fees at training days and conferences
  • Access to online resources
  • A publicly searchable online profile with links to your own website
  • Opportunity to shape IMTAL’s future by voting at the AGM
  • Regular newsletters with reports and reviews, recommended reading, and news from our global partners.
Institutional membership rate: £73 or 85 Euros per year (January to December)
Individual membership rate; £32 or 37 Euros per year (January to December)