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About IMTAL Europe

The mission of the International Museum Theatre Alliance is to inspire and support the use of theatre and theatrical technique to cultivate emotional connections, provoke action, and add public value to the museum experience.

A Resource for Museums and Heritage Institutions who...

  • want to make your museum or your interpretation more visible
  • want to reach new audiences in a shifting demographic environment
  • have a visiting re-enactment group who need to communicate your learning outcomes? 
  • enable your museum staff to communicate in a more lively and professional manner
  • provide museum education that will engage and enthuse the visitor - exceeding expectations, and creating a "fanbase"
  • want to create a special atmosphere on special occasions

A Resource for Museum Educators, Re-Enactors, Performers & Storytellers who...

  • wish to become a museum performer
  • are keen to network with museum and heritage professionals
  • wish to learn new methods, or are keen to share your performative tool with colleagues
  • are passionate about first,- second- and third person interpretation, or wish find out about it
  • wish to reach a larger audience and be part of a network for professional growth and exchange
  • are already offering good work but wish to reach more visibility

We can provide your staff, volunteers or crafts demonstrators with the tools to bring history alive and increase your visitor numbers. We can devise teaching modules for museum theatre or live interpretation that are tailored to your needs. We provide a link between popular notions of history and your scientifically curated exhbitions, taking the visitor on an emtional journey from "Hollywood" to your learning objectives in a fun way. We can lend your museum artefacts a voice, creating empathy with material and immaterial heritage. 

IMTAL-Europe welcomes those who work with interpretive performance in digital audio-visual media and contemporary art forms. Membership of IMTAL-Europe is open to all who are interested in this field, whether site hosts, suppliers, scholars, students or practitioners.

The International Museum Theatre Alliance has, since 1990, promoted theatre and live performance as interpretive techniques in cultural institutions. IMTAL-Europe, IMTAL-Americas and IMTAL-Asia Pacific are affiliated membership organisations that foster and develop diverse forms of live interpretation in museums, galleries, science centres and historic sites all over the world.

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Becoming a member of IMTAL-Europe allows you to access conferences, training days and networking events at reduced rates and to post your own performer's profile on the IMTAL-Europe website.

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