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Zöldi-Birkás, Éva
I worked for 20 years in the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, Hungary at the Department of Classical Antiquities as a museum educator. Since 2021 I work in Szent István Király Múzeum, Székesfehérvár. I'm the Head of Department of Museum Education and Communication. I am a drama teacher (trained by the Hungarian Drama and Theatre in Education Association in 2004) and a Certified Live Interpreter (a qualification given by Interpret Europe that can be achieved by completing a course run by Past Pleasure Ltd., UK or recently by Mark Wallis). During my work in the Museum of Fine Arts I developed live interpretation sessions, assembled and prepared research material for the interpreters and trained them. We did first person interpretation, usually based on ancient Greek and Roman characters. On special occasions we performed characters also from other periods.(ancient Egypt, Renaissance, XVII. century Netherlands). In Szent István Király Múzeum, Székesfehérvár we do the first steps in launching such programmes now. In my free time I take part in the live interpretation performances of Mare Temporis Foundation for Historic Traditions in different museums and heritage sites in our country.


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