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Milestones Museum
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Assistant Community Engagement & Learning Officer
United Kingdom
We invite our visitors to suspend their disbelief while they travel back in time, perhaps to reminisce about their childhood or their parents' childhood.

But by using a mixture of 1st and 3rd person interpretation we are able to give visitors the chance to talk and interact with the past, whether this be through demonstrations, stories, plays or conversations with the interpreter team.

What makes Milestones "Hampshire's Living History Museum" is this opportunity to challenge and ask questions about the past in order to make comparisons with the way we live today, as shown with our Romany Wedding piece which uses history to challenge modern prejudices about the gypsy community today.

Our way of interpreting the people of the past is informative, challenging and entertaining but it is also extremely respectful.

Our team is passionate about history and about breathing life into the past for our visitors.


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